About us

Project Producer

EPC “Stijena Spasenja”

“Stijena Spasenja” is a church in the Reformed tradition and part of the Evangelical Pentecostal Church in the Republic of Croatia. As part of marking the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, the church launched the first Croatian interactive mobile application for daily Bible reading – Biblija365. ‘Stijena Spasenja’, with the help of coworkers and partners, is contributing in spreading biblical values throughout our country.


Project team:

Samuel Koprivnjak – Android Developer

Hrvoje Novačić – Technical Support

Petra Novačić – Proofreader and Content Editor

Jeremy Bohall – Content Coordinator

Petra Bohall – Project Administrator

Marko Romanjik – Humanitarian and Social Event Coordinator

Ivona Čuturić – Promotion Manager

Danijel Benko – Video Technician

David Fartek – Visual Designer

Tomislav Krpan – Android Developer

Matija Bogdanović – iOS Developer

Željka Kiš – Web Developer

Ratko Medan – Project Manager


Technical Support:

mr.sc. David Kovačević – Video Voice-over

Vjenceslav Erceg – Video Voice-over

Hazim Yahya – Video Translator

mr.sc. Vlasta Kuzmič – C.H.Spurgeon (“Morning and evening“) Translator

dr.sc. Stanko Jambrek, dr.sc. Boris Beck –Commission for Competitions

dr.sc. Greg Thelman – Theological Editor and Support


Partners and coworkers:

Protestant Evangelical Council – www.pev.com.hr
League of Baptist Churches in Croatia – www.baptist.hr
Evangelical Pentecostal Church of Croatia – www.epc.hr
Church of God in Croatia – www.crkvabozja.hr
Council of Christ’s Churches in Croatia
Evangelical Theological Seminary in Osijek – www.evtos.hr
Gideons International Representatives of Croatia – www2.gideons.org
The Bible League International – www.bibleleague.org
The Bible Project – www.thebibleproject.com
The Bible Institute – www.bizg.hr
Center for Biblical Research – www.cbi.bizg.hr
Fokus Association – www.ufokus.hr




Biblija365 uses the new Contemporary translation of the Bible as released by the Bible League in Croatian and the English Standard Version in English.